Historical API

Please be aware that the endpoint for these functions is analytics.webexapis.com, which also means that the ‘try-it’ mode won’t work. If you have any questions, or if you need help, please contact the Webex Developer Support team at devsupport@webex.com.

This interface allows an IT Admin to pull analytics data from the data backend without having to interact with the UI or perform any manual steps.

To access the API, the access token must represent an admin with either read-only-admin or full-admin roles for the given org. In addition, the access token must have the analytics:read_all scope

By default, the calls to analytics.webexapis.com for historical data are sent to US region which then resolves to respective local servers i.e. calls in the US will be routed to US servers and calls in the EU will route to the EU server. To enhance performance and reduce latency the API call can be instructed to go to the relevant data source directly. To that end a header "direct-region-access" is returned, which can be used for future API calls.

Note: These APIs support United States based customers only.