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App Hub Submission Checklist for Embedded Apps

Use these checklists to make sure your Embedded App is ready for submission to App Hub.

anchorEmbedded App Review Process Overview

The Embedded App review process usually takes one to three weeks based on the completeness of your submission. Once you submit your app, your initial point of contact and someone from the Webex App Hub team will work with you throughout the review process.

Cisco performs testing on all Embedded Apps before listing on the Webex App Hub.

After approval, if your app is not functional or the information provided is invalid, the app will be removed from App Hub immediately. Rest assured we will notify you, provide support, and allow you to fix the issue so you can relist your app on the App Hub as soon as possible.

anchorBusiness Checklist


Learn more about Webex by Cisco’s branding considerations:

Ensure that:

  • Your app contains no references to Cisco in any links, including email addresses and descriptions.

Quality Management

Help us help your app thrive in the Webex ecosystem by creating a compelling internal landing tile surface and external Landing page to persuade users to enable your Embedded App and to help them get started.

Ensure that:

  • Your app serves a valid Webex end user need.
  • Your app is in production and fully operational (no “proof of concepts” or demo apps).
  • Your app’s description doesn’t include any mention of “demo”, “alpha”, or similar term.
  • Your app’s description is in English (the developer site can be in another language) and free from grammatical errors, and includes the following:
    • App benefits: An explanation of your app’s use cases and user benefits.
    • How to get started: A summary on how the user can get started your app.
    • Third-party accounts: Indicates if the app requires the user to create an account other than a Webex account.
    • Pricing:Indicates the app’s business model. If the app is free to use, indicate so. Otherwise, include an additional sentence that states the app’s business model (for example, free or paid accounts), and includes a link to where users can find more information on pricing.
  • The producer of the app is a real company.
  • The app owner details are valid.
  • The app is meant for specified workstreams (for example, embedded apps typically use a Meeting or Messaging space workstream).
  • App does not include any advertisements.
  • The categories you selected for the app (up to two) make sense.
  • Video links use https:// protocol.
  • The app is free of foul language and obscene images.
  • App benefits are described with relevant content.

Privacy Policy

Cisco believes privacy is a fundamental human right. Privacy statements should focus on security, transparency, and accountability. See the technical checklist for additional guidance.

Ensure that:

  • If requested by a customer, you can demonstrate compliance with all applicable privacy regulations and laws.
  • The privacy policy is accessible and robust (see the technical checklist for more details on specifications).

Contact Information

Ensure that:

  • The company name matches the contact email domain.
  • The company website is valid and available.
  • Support URLs are valid and available.

App Name and Logo

Your app name and logo must not include "Cisco," "Webex," or "Webex Meetings," or any other Cisco product names unless the app is created by Cisco Systems.

Ensure that:

  • Your app is free of any foul language and obscene images.
  • Your app’s name and logo are relevant to the submitted app.
  • Your app icon is exactly 512 x 512 px in height and width (JPG/PNG format).
  • Screen shots of your app are appropriate and of high quality.
anchorTechnical Checklist

Secure Authentication

Ensure that:

  • Accounts: Your app handles the meeting host role and meeting participant roles gracefully.
    • Your app responds with a coherent and useful error message when a command is incorrect or incorrect for the given user role.
    • You can login as each role for your Webex org (you can use the List Roles API to get a list of roles in your org).
  • Authorization: Your app provides the option to revoke authorization for the embedded app.
    • Once the authorization for the embedded app has been revoked, it then reroutes back to the authorization URL again before it continues to work.

Quality Management

Ensure that:

  • Your app’s functionality matches its App Hub description.
  • Tests with at least two accounts (share their credentials with the Cisco team) interact with each other smoothly (when applicable).
  • Your app is complete not a demo or a work in progress.
  • Your app doesn’t include advertisements or promotions.
  • Your app provides option to uninstall the embedded app (and this option works even if there is downloadable content required for the embedded app to function).
  • You’ve provided the ability to re-install the app.
  • Your app’s performance benchmarks pass regression tests. For example, apps should start within two seconds and not crash the host app or reformat a user’s disk drive.


Ensure that:

  • You provide a direct https link to a PrivacyURL.
  • The PrivacyURL is available publicly (without needing to log into an any account).
  • You provide a privacy policy that explains how you handle user data.
  • If the privacy policy isn't available in English, you will need to send us a human-translated English version by email.
  • Users have the capacity to request to delete, access, and transfer an individual’s data.
  • Personal data that is ingested and processed is not maintained or further used unless for reasons that are clearly stated and agreed to in advance to support data privacy.


Ensure that: