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📣 New features heading your way! Learn more here

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Convenient Webex OAuth for Laravel Projects with Socialite

Learn how Laravel Socialite, which simplifies authenticating with OAuth providers, can enable a third-party application to access an HTTP service.

Success Stories

Understanding Webex Meetings Application Platforms

Learn the differences between the two different Webex developer platforms that are documented on this portal for meetings applications.

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Using OAuth with Webex in Your React Application

Adam Weeks
December 6 2021

Learn how to build a simple OAuth workflow for Webex using the React.js framework...

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Face & Hand Tracking in Webex

Taylor Hanson
November 29 2021

it's not uncommon for an application that utilizes your camera to take advantage of some type of face tracking software. We'll show you how to access that feature from within Webex in this blog post.

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