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If you don't find the answer you're looking for here, please contact Webex Developer Support.

What does the "Device limit exceeded for participant" error message mean, and how do I resolve it?

The error indicates that the user that's trying to register with the SDK has reach the limit to the number of times they can register. Each user is allowed up to 100 registrations with the SDK at a given time. If you're not calling meetings.unregister then the registrations remain until they auto delete after 7 days. In order to avoid this error you would need to make sure you are calling meetings.unregister after you've finished your call or before you close/refresh your browser window.

How many Guest Users can be created by a single Guest Issuer app?

There is no defined limit to the quantity of Guest Users that can be created by a single Guest Issuer application.

As a Compliance Officer, how can I obtain a list of all Teams/Rooms within my Org?

At this time there is no way to list all teams in an org. The only work around would be for a compliance officer to pull data from the /events API to get roomIds and then GET details of the space using the /rooms/ API to see if it's part of a team and get the teamId. Once you have the teamIds then you can pull details for the teams and list the team memberships. With that being said, there are improvements coming that will allow the compliance officer to directly list all teams and spaces in an org but there is no ETA at this time for when this will be completed.

Do I need to submit my Bot to App Hub for other people within my company to be able to use it?

No, a Bot does not need to be submit to App Hub in order for it to be available for use by other Webex users. An App only needs to be submit to App Hub if the intention is for it to be listed on the App Hub Portal (https://apphub.webex.com/) and available for use by any Webex users.

What is the maximum width of an Adaptive Card?

432px is the maximum width of an Adaptive Card.

What does "tokenlimit_reached" mean when trying to generate access tokens?

A Webex user is allowed to have up to 750 active access token at a given time. If a user reaches that limit and tries to generate more token then a "tokenlimit_reached" error will be returned. Solution for this would be to login to https://idbroker.webex.com/idb/profile#/ and end some of your session or submit a ticket to devsupport@webex.com to have all access tokens for the account revoked.

Are other authorization methods possible with an integration, beside authorization_code?

No. Authorization_code is the only supported method and there are currently no plans to add others.

Will the xAPIs, xCommand and xStatus, work with devices that are registered to a person.

No. Devices have to be cloud registered and registered to a workspace.