Webex App Hub Submission Process

The Webex App Hub allows you to promote your Integrations and Bots to all Webex Teams users, who can easily access the App Hub from both mobile and desktop Webex Teams client apps.

anchorSubmission Checklist

Please ensure to meticulously follow everything in the submission checklist before you submit to the Webex App Hub to allow for quicker approval.

  • The Integration or Bot should:
    • have valid entries in all the submission fields. No grammatical errors, foul language, or obscene images in the submission fields or messages rendered in Webex Teams.
    • be live and active in production with all features well tested (no tests or demo bots please).
    • have a clear description calling out the benefits, business model and onboarding process.
      • have an active customer support model.
      • have a privacy policy that explains how the user data is handled.
      • be monitored to ensure its always functioning.
      • NOT place any ads on Webex Teams.
      • collect any payment for your app, if applicable, outside of Webex Teams. Integrations & Bots enablement on the Webex App Hub is free for any Webex Teams user.
      • NOT include “Cisco”, “Spark”, “Webex”, “Teams”, or any other Cisco trademarks in the app title or logo without express permission from Cisco.
  • Integration should also:
    • be provisioned in the My Apps section. The integration actually used for OAuth in your app, should be submitted to the Webex App Hub. Do NOT create an integration purely for listing purpose and not consuming it in your application.
    • use minimum necessary scopes from the list called out at OAuth.
    • have a clear landing page where users will be redirected from the Webex App Hub. This page should clearly explain the Webex Teams integration and is NOT your company website’s home page. The landing page should also include a button named "Add to Webex Teams", clicking on which starts the OAuth process if the integration follows a user self-enabled model. If not, clear instructions should be provided on how can a user can try/buy/use the integration.
  • Bot should also:
    • be provisioned in the My Apps section and follow the rules of @mentions in group spaces.
    • respond appropriately to common initial commands like "hi," "help," or "hello" from end users.
    • provide a welcome message explaining any additional instructions when added to a group space.
anchorSubmit to Webex App Hub

Go to My Apps section and select the integration or bot you want to promote on the Webex App Hub. There is a specific tab to fill in additional fields to submit to App Hub. You can check the status of your submission anytime there.

If you have a bot that also has an integration associated with it, please submit the integration to the Webex App Hub.

anchorReview Process

Once you submit, someone from the review team will work with you during the review process. The review process normally takes between 1-3 weeks based on the quality of your submission. Cisco performs a brief testing before listing the app in the Webex App Hub but does not officially warrant or support it.

After approval, if any integration or bot is noticed to not function or the provided information is not valid, it will be de-listed immediately and you will be notified. But your original submission will not be lost. You can always fix the issue and inform us so we quickly check it and list it on the Webex App Hub again.