Webhook Delivery Issues with Ngrok -- Resolved!

July 8, 2020
JP Shipherd
JP ShipherdJP is part of the Webex For Developers Product Management Team
Webhook Delivery Issues with Ngrok  -- Resolved!

Several developers have reported issues when using ngrok to listen for webhooks. We have confirmed that there appears to be an issue which may prevent you from receiving Webex Teams webhooks at your ngrok address.

Currently, the workaround is to start ngrok with a --region parameter that is set to something other than "us". For example "eu" users can set it as --region=eu. See the ngrok documentation for more information about the region option.

We will update this post as we have more information.

UPDATE July 31, 2020 This issue has now been resolved for organizations without security policies that disallow ngrok. Developers may start ngrok without the "--region" parameter or may set the region explicitly to "us".