Webex One Developer Track Wrap Up

November 4, 2021
Adam Weeks
Adam WeeksManager, Webex Developer Evangelism
Webex One Developer Track Wrap Up

Last week, the first ever developer track was held during the Webex One conference under the track CPaaS & Embedded Apps. Webex One 2021 is the second annual event, so we at the Webex for Developers team were excited to participate. In this new track, we got to see the efforts in progress to bring CPaaS solutions to your enterprise, including how you can use the entire Webex developer product portfolio, and an introduction to a new framework that lets you embed your web application within Webex meetings and messaging!

The new track included the following sessions, all of which are available for you to replay:

Harness the power of CPaaS for your business. See how Tesco Bank reinvented their customer experience

CPaaS has been proven to be critical in accelerating digital transformation for customer-facing businesses. The rise of new customer experiences, such as video consultations for health care and curbside pickup for retail have left enterprises reviewing how they operate.

In this session learn how a platform approach can deliver smarter, richer customer interactions, what makes enterprise CPaaS different and how a communications platform approach can increase speed to market and simplify development. We'll also hear from Tesco Bank on their CX program, why they purchased CPaaS, use cases and the value they are delivering to their business.

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Scale your business with CPaaS APIs and developer tools

IT is at the heart of all digital transformation projects that aim to deliver smarter, richer customer interactions but there is constant pressure to speed up innovation to support the requirements from the broader business. Consequently, developers are looking for quick and easy-to-use communications APIs and tools that also reduce technical complexity.

In this session learn about our CPaaS platform, imi connect, and its many communication APIs and SDKs, the infrastructure to support billions of interactions and tools to manage the full application lifecycle. We will also be announcing new capabilities to enable developers to build and test customer journeys even faster, as well as new channels to support enhanced customer journeys.

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Accelerate your customer journey development for smarter interactions

Customer journeys and interactions rarely interface with only one system, but many enterprises develop applications in silos which has resulted in the proliferation of single purpose applications, resulting in duplication of developer time and effort. Having a single, central communications platform that combines APIs and low code tools with a high-performance execution engine unifies all interactions to support the customer conversation in one place. In this session we will focus on three areas - integrating with enterprise systems, tools for productivity and conversational automation - to enable you to orchestrate and automate customer journeys quickly and easily.

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Leverage Webex developer products to build cross-platform applications

In this session, learn about the Webex developer product portfolio, as well our tools and resources that can help build seamless integrations. We will share use cases so you can see current integrations in action as well as get an early look into exciting upcoming features.

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Integrate 3rd party apps within Webex meetings and spaces to enable seamless collaboration

Learn about the exciting possibilities of today's embedded apps and hear from our partners as they relate their experiences collaborating with us to develop these integrations. You'll also get a deep dive into how you can integrate apps into Webex Meetings and Spaces to enhance workflows. We can't wait to share more in this session

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Wrapping Up

We hope you're as excited as we are after watching these sessions to get started in your development journey! Be sure to check out all the other sessions from Webex One 2021 at https://www.webex.com/webexone/index.html

We're excited to see what you're going to build!

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