The new Cisco Webex for Developers is Here - What Developers Need to Know From Our Rebrand

April 18, 2018
Alice Cho
Alice ChoProduct Marketing Manager, Cisco Collaboration -- Alice is a collab tech fanatic that loves music!
The new Cisco Webex for Developers is Here - What Developers Need to Know From Our Rebrand

New look and feel, same great service? Think again. There's more to our recent rebrand of Cisco Spark than initially meets the eye - in fact, there's quite a lot to like about our makeover, including some key things specifically for you as a former Spark/now Webex Teams developer and an upcoming refresh of a familiar Webex Meetings portfolio for existing Webex Meetings developers.

Take a tour of the top three developer takeaways for our new rebrand,  excited for our next evolution together. It's a whole new era for our dev community!

  1. What's in a Name?
    • As Shakespeare concluded, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. So why are we also changing the name of Cisco Spark for Developers to Cisco Webex for Developers?
    • Because we've combined the best of both worlds. In this new environment of cloud-based collaboration technology, our mission is to connect teams with a single, open, secure, interoperable, intuitive cloud platform. We changed the name to reflect how we've combined our separate meeting, calling, and team collaboration solutions into a single, integrated suite. So welcome to Webex for Developers!
    • And for those submitting integrations and bots to the Cisco Spark Depot - welcome to Cisco Webex App Hub, a central hub to discover app experiences on the Webex platform. Stay tuned to see what new Webex Meeting integrations we add to the Webex App Hub.
  2. New Webex Meetings APIs Are on the Way
    • Heads up: Soon you'll be able to easily add powerful Cisco Webex Meetings capabilities to any or all of your apps or services using new modern RESTful APIs. Our initial release coming this summer, will enable you to perform key tasks, including:
      • Authentication: Retrieve tokens needed to call other API's
      • User Management: Create, delete, and retrieve host accounts; manage properties
      • Scheduling Meetings: Schedule, edit, and list meetings
      • Site Privilege Retrieval: Retrieve info on enabled features and privileges
  3. Additional Key Functionalities and APIs
    • A fresh platform, several new API's, and that's not all - for us, this is only the beginning. Moving forward, we'll continue to build momentum with additional functionalities and API's across the Webex platform. So, stay tuned, and make sure to check back here for more dev-centric updates!

Questions about the rebrand or what it means it means for you as a developer? Join our Cisco Webex developer community, visit for more product information or follow us on Twitter.