Play Zork by Spark and Text Message

January 7, 2017
Adam Kalsey
Adam KalseyAdam Kalsey leads the Webex Developer Relations team.
Play Zork by Spark and Text Message

You can now play Zork in Cisco Spark. Add to a Spark room, or start a direct conversation with it, and you’ll be invited to play the classic text adventure game Zork: The Great Underground Empire - Part I.

Each room you add the bot to is a different game of Zork. All the participants of the room can play the game together.

The bot also has SMS support through Tropo. If you’re in the US, you can play Zork over text message by texting something to +1-844-373-9675. Outside the US, try +1-541-936-9675, but this has a lower capacity and may not work as well during busy times. In either case, your carrier's normal text or data rates apply.

Next week, we’ll explain how the bot works, show some code, and walk through some of the helpful user interface things you can do in your own bot.