Changes to the Download Limit

November 6, 2016
Alice Cho
Alice ChoProduct Marketing Manager, Cisco Collaboration -- Alice is a collab tech fanatic that loves music!
Changes to the Download Limit

This update applies to those sending or retrieving message attachments using the Spark API. Download and upload limits of message attachments are limited to 100MB in size - this effectively means you can upload a file 100MB or smaller, or download a file 100MB or smaller, but won't be able to upload OR download files that are larger. Larger files can be uploaded or downloaded via the Spark clients, this is specifically an API limit intended to prevent oversaturation of resources. Previously we documented files 2GB or smaller were supported, but that limit had to be scaled back after reviewing traffic patterns and load averages.

We focus on providing you the best experience and we apologize for any impact this has on you, your business and customers. We are working closely with teams to ensure any changes are known in advance.

If you have any support questions, feel free to reach out to us at or join the DevSupport Spark room. Follow us on Twitter to keep updated.

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