Changes to Admin and Compliance Scopes

June 19, 2018
Pallavi Samanu
Pallavi SamanuSenior Product Manager
Changes to Admin and Compliance Scopes

As a Webex developer, we want to give you advance notice of a key functionality change with spark-admin and spark-compliance scopes.

The following authorization scopes are now deprecated and will no longer work after August 15, 2018:

  • spark-admin:events_read
  • spark-admin:memberships_read
  • spark-admin:memberships_write
  • spark-admin:messages_read
  • spark-admin:messages_write
  • spark-admin:rooms_read
  • spark-admin:teams_read
  • spark-admin:team_memberships_read
  • spark-admin:team_memberships_write

Webex Teams apps which currently use spark-admin scopes to perform compliance activities as an organization administrator will need to transition to spark-compliance scopes over the next two months. After this change, organization administrators will no longer be able to perform compliance activities. Instead, these activities will be limited to only the compliance officers for an organization.

The deprecated scopes have been removed from the Webex for Developers site and are no longer available for new applications, testing via Test Mode in the Webex Teams API Reference, or with an administrator’s portal token.

If any of your apps make use of the spark-admin scopes listed above, please update them now.

We'll keep you posted on any other changes on this, and, of course, will continue to update you on other refinements we make to further improve and enhance the Webex Teams API.

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