Android SDK v3.0.0.2-beta

anchorSample Kitchen Sink App


  • Android Studio 4.0 or later
  • Android SDK Tools 29 or later
  • Android API Level 24 or later
  • Java JDK 8
  • Kotlin - 1.3.+
  • Gradle for dependency management
  • Webex Account
anchorRequirements for Calling in Webex (Unified CM)

To enable Calling in Webex (Unified CM), you must use one of the supported Unified CM-based Cisco call control solutions, and ensure that you're on the minimum supported version or later.

See Call Control Environment Requirements

  • Audio and/or video 1:1 calling
  • Group space calling
  • Dial by email, Webex User ID, or SIP address
  • Call and event controls, including DTMF
  • Audio and video call control
  • View content and video simultaneously
  • Maximum bandwidth controls
  • Receive and share content
  • Message securely with threads
  • Group call with three different views
  • Make and receive CUCM calls including hold/resume, transfer, merge
anchorH.264 License Information

The Webex Android SDK uses H.264 AVC video, which requires activation of a license agreement by each user. The end-user is prompted to activate H.264 codec license with a AlertDialog. The license activation alert will appear automatically during the first video call. From the AlertDialog, the license can be activated, viewed, or the user can choose to cancel the activation. No local or remote video will be rendered until the user chooses to activate the video license.

Once user activates the video license, they will not be prompted to do so again for subsequent calls. If the app is uninstalled and reinstalled, the video license will need to be re-activated. Additionally, you may choose to invoke license activation alert anytime prior to the first video call using the requestVideoCodecActivation() function.

The disableVideoCodecActivation() function prevents the SDK from prompting for H.264 video codec license activation. Use this if your company has its own license agreement for H.264 AVC video from MPEG LA, and you wish to disable the display of the video license AlertDialog. If you disable the built-in activation capability of the Webex SDK for Android, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for any royalties or other fees associated with your use of the H.264 AVC video codec.