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imiconnect is our enterprise CPaaS platform that enables enterprises to orchestrate and automate their customer and employee interactions on one central platform, acting as a layer of glue between existing business systems and customer interaction channels.

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imiconnect is an easy-to-use cloud communications platform that is secure and scalable, enabling enterprise developers to build smarter interactions and richer, frictionless experiences on any communications channels, reducing complexity and enabling rapid innovation.

imiconnect is a fully programmable CPaaS solution with the choice of API, SDKs and low code tools, and includes capabilities for full lifecycle management of interactive customer experiences. It focuses on enabling capabilities in six key areas:

  1. Integrations set-up and management
  2. Communication channel management
  3. Business logic and flow orchestration
  4. NLP, NLU and AI-powered conversation automation
  5. Intelligent enterprise control center
  6. Service assurance and infrastructure management

Find out more about imiconnect or get started by visiting our developer portal.

anchorDeveloper Sandbox

The imiconnect developer sandbox is a pre-configured environment in which you can prototype applications with channels such as SMS, voice, and WhatsApp. It is designed to allow enterprise developers to trial the APIs, SDKs and our advanced CPaaS capabilities such as flow builder, debugging tools, and analytics.

Try the sandbox for free.

anchorSandbox FAQs
What channels are supported in the sandbox?

The sandbox supports SMS, voice, and WhatsApp messaging along with the ability to integrate with your business systems. APIs are included allowing you to experience how imiconnect can be used to automate end to end customer experiences. Enterprises which sign up for an imiconnect license are able to access many more, including RCS, MMS, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messages, email, and others.

Are there limitations on usage with the sandbox?

There are limits imposed on sandbox accounts to ensure that they are used for testing concepts and are not used for spamming. First, sandbox accounts may only send messages to up to 5 numbers, all of which must have consented to receive messaging via an opt in process. Next, sandbox accounts have limits on TPS rates for messaging and flow executions, as well as caps on total messages and calls that they can make. Finally, you can only send messages and call to the same country where you registered a phone number.

Additionally, some of the enterprise-grade features such as single sign-on (SSO), audit trail, ability to create dedicated workspaces for various teams and groups within a large enterprise, and ability to add multiple users to the same account, etc. are available only in full platform mode.

How do I get support for the sandbox?

Our platform documentation is available for you to review at developers.imiconnect.io and you can find many answers there. Further, our developer support teams are ready to assist with questions you may have via the developer support forum, located at https://community.cisco.com/t5/imiconnect/bd-p/connect.

How do I upgrade from a sandbox account to a full license?

When you are ready to upgrade to a production account, please either click the request upgrade button on the top right of the sandbox home screen.