Webex Calling

With Webex Calling features, connecting with people is easier than ever.


Webex Calling provides advanced telephony services for its users. The Call Controls API provides an interface to a third-party call control application which can be used to retrieve information about active and past calls as well as perform call actions.

For more information about Webex Calling, see the Webex Calling Help site.

What's possible with Webex Calling Calls?
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Webex Calling users can perform the telephony actions listed above directly in the Webex Teams clients. Call Controls provide the ability to create clients and applications which implement the same functionality.

Authorization Scopes

Authorization scopes are required to read call information and perform call actions. For instructions on how to add these scopes to your app and for a full list of all available authorization scopes see the Integrations & Authorization Guide.

List all calls for rooms you are a part of
Allow users to invoke call commands on themselves