Local Measure Now on the Cisco GPL

Francis Geck

Monday, July 9th 2018

Local Measure is on Cisco's Global Price List and available for transactions by any Cisco sellers/resellers.


Local Measure provides a retail and hospitality service that connects the front line staff to customers and customer feedback.  Local Measure combines social analytics, local based activity, and customer history to generate valuable business actions. Cisco Collaboration provides the critical communication channel for real time actions by company team members.  Integration with Cisco Meraki is also a plus.  Current customers include Sea World, Orange, Virgin Hotels, and Quantas.


Welcome to the price list! To get engaged with Local Measure, reach out at: www.localmeasure.com. And be sure to check out their integration with Webex Teams on the Webex App Hub.


-- Frank Geck, Cisco Webex Solution Partners Business Development Manager