Email Address Update API for Cisco Spark Now Available


Tuesday, February 6th 2018

Continuing to provide useful APIs for our Cisco Spark Developer ecosystem, we want to give you a heads up that Cisco Spark Organization Administrators now have the ability to update email addresses for people within their organization via the Update a Person API endpoint.


Simple and easy to incorporate, to update email addresses of a person, developers just need to use the API endpoint with an authentication token, which has the spark-admin:people_write scope associated with it.


Important note: If an organization uses the Cisco Directory Connector to synchronize user accounts with Active Directory, you cannot update information for Cisco Spark users via this API. For those situations, you will still need to make changes in Active Directory.


Again, this new feature for Cisco Spark developers is now available via the Update a Person API endpoint, so we encourage you to incorporate it into your integrations for Cisco Spark today!


- Pallavi Samanu, Senior Product Manager