Approved Contact Now on the Cisco GPL

Francis Geck

Tuesday, August 14th 2018

Approved Contact, a Cisco Webex Teams integrator, is on Cisco’s Global Price List and available for transactions by any Cisco sellers/resellers.


Cisco has focused on “one button to push” for starting meetings but what about setting up a meeting? Approved Contact has focused on “one touch” to schedule meetings. In business, we all suffer from the scheduling merry go round wasting valuable time just checking on people’s availability. The return on investment for this service is huge especially for employee roles where meetings are critical to the function of that role. Approved Contact integrates with all the major calendaring services, supports views across multiple organizations, and has the critical access and security policies. And, this capability is available from within Cisco Collaboration.

Approved Contact, welcome to the price list!

To get engaged with Approved Contact, reach out at



-- Frank Geck, Cisco Webex Solution Partners Business Development Manager